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Hi-Ethics, Inc., Health Internet Ethics

Chairman: Michael Rozen, MD, WellMed, Inc.
President: Alan Greene, MD, A.D.A.M., Inc.

Hi-Ethics Position Statement on the May 23, 2001, CHCF/RAND study:
Hi-Ethics, Inc., or Health Internet Ethics, applauds the California HealthCare Foundation/RAND study as an effort to improve the quality of online health information for consumers. The study helps draw public attention to an issue of great importance.

Hi-Ethics member companies are committed to earning the trust and confidence of consumers who choose to use Internet health services for improving their health and health care. Our common goal is to establish and comply with high standards for privacy, security, credibility and reliability so that consumers can realize the fullest benefits of the Internet.

The 14 Hi-Ethics Principles released in May of 2000 have already guided the volunteer efforts of many health Web sites to implement consumer-friendly, ethically sound policies and procedures. Hi-Ethics and URAC announced May 21st, 2001, that a site's adherence to these principles will be verifiable through URAC's Health Web Site Accreditation Program. By combining the efforts of these two health Internet quality leaders, the URAC Health Web Site Accreditation program becomes the best and clearest pathway for health Web sites to demonstrate their compliance with ethical standards.

URAC accreditation strengthens the implementation of the Hi-Ethics Principles, because it expands input from a broad array of stakeholders and because it provides the objectivity of independent, experienced accreditation professionals needed to identify and resolve problems of privacy, fair trade, and information quality.

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